UNCLOS Article 76 Commissioned Research

UNCLOS Article 76 Commissioned Research

The governance of ocean space in terms of resource use and environmental protection falls within the international statute of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea(UNCLOS).UK government departments (FCO, DTI and Defra) require specialised technical advice from marine experts in a range of disciplines in order to develop and monitor UK maritime policy in this legal framework.
K government to carry out research on the delineation of the continental shelf areas of the UK mainland and overseas territories. Whenever possible, the Group provided technical advisory services and support to other coastal states on issues related to the continental shelf maritime space, marine resource exploration and exploitation.

We deliver independent, high-quality scientific advice on territorial sovereignty, marine scientific research, resource management, and the preservation of the marine environment. Much of this advice focuses on continental shelf and margin settings, where demand for both living and non-living resources pushes exploration and exploitation into increasingly deeper waters. Specific issues include: advice on the limits of the legal UK continental shelf; support for technical negotiations with neighbouring coastal states on overlapping territorial claims; and advice to the UN International Seabed Authority relating to the deep seabed beyond national jurisdiction.

The Group has a number of highly experienced research staff, many of whom have had direct experience of preparation, submission and defence of cases to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. While a core group of staff work full-time on UNCLOS issues, other staff with expertise in geophysics, seafloor surveying and benthic biology are able to provide independent, policy-relevant advice on deep-sea biodiversity, bioprospecting, bioharvesting and marine environmental protection.

The recognition of the NOC as a world leader in the field of technical advice for shelf delimitation has led to significant external support for UNCLOS-related work from governments of other coastal states, as well as requests for training.

Our clients include the governments of:
Republic of Yemen
Socialist Republic of Vietnam
and the
Commonwealth Secretariat


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