MG Data

on-line ArcGIS of survey data acquired by the Marine Geoscience Group

This page provides a shortcut to an on-line GIS developed by the Marine Geoscience Group in order to provide direct access to survey track lines of scientific expeditions by members of the Group (as well as it predecessor groups). Each track line has associated hyperlinks which provide access to cruise reports, BODC cruise summary reports, data and desktop GIS projects. However for external users, access is restricted to the cruise reports and BODC cruise summary reports.

In total, the online GIS holds over 175 survey track lines, primarily onboard NERC vessels (RRS James Cook, RRS James Clark Ross, RRS Discovery, RRS Charles Darwin). Data has been archived and is readily accessible for 167 expeditions; 131 within the SeaDOG data archive, and a further 36 have redilly available cruise data and desktop ArcGIS projects.

Click on the link to access, however please be patient, the GIS takes time to load.

FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY. To assist with access to cruise data and GIS projects please read the supporting documentaion (be sure to map to the "p" drive): data portal, Data Archive Structure and GIS uploads. Note also, in order to access the Seadog database you will need to map to the "q" drive.

For further details please contact Tim LeBas or Alan Evans