on-line ArcGIS to assist the UK's Overseas Territories develop Ocean Governance

Ocean Governance is increasing in importance to order to enable responsible use of marine estates, allowing the development of marine resources for today and stewardship of the marine environment for future generations. To this end the Marine Geoscience Group is compiling a number of elements that will enable the UK's Overseas Territories recognise what data and information is redilly available for use in ocean management. Marine Spatial Planning is fast becoming a valuable approach to balancing the many competing demands in the use of marine space, and recognising the framework and data demands is of key importance to sustaining successful marine plans.

To this end we are developing an on-line GIS which includes information relating to the UK's Overseas Territories in the Caribbean (other OTs will be added) where details of current maritime limits and boundaries and multibeam bathymetry data can be found (once the web page loads, be sure to click the contents tab to view additional layers). Each feature layer has associated brief metadata with links to more information.

This programme will continue to develop and provide more information relevant to enabling sustainable use of the marine environment. However should you have any information that you regard as relevant please get in touch.

For further details please contact Alan Evans